Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek Map

The area known as Upper Mustang is located within the Annapurna National Park in the northwest of Nepal and is unlike anywhere else in Nepal, known as a fantastic trekking region.

While Upper Mustang is part of the whole Mustang region, it is a restricted area that requires a special permit to enter it. The Upper Mustang Trek has amazing arid valley landscapes that are very different from what you’ll see in other Nepal regions. In Upper Mustang there are three main trekking routes.

The bright colors, hues of Upper Mustang Mountains are amazing at any time of the year. This is a low to medium altitude trek with no high passes to cross, making it relatively easy for many people. There is also a good standard of accommodation and food in Upper Mustang, which makes it a great choice for people seeking some comfort.

The Upper Mustang Trek is ideal for those looking for 20 years ago Nepal or undiscovered areas, off-world landscapes along with unique cultures. It’s easily one of the most spectacular treks in the world between Upper Mustang’s views, culture and people.

The western Upper Mustang route is a misunderstood trek somewhat. It’s more like a short diversion for 1-2 days than a separate trail. Essentially on the classic route from Ghami you detour west to visit Dhakmar, Ghar Gompa and cross a high pass at Chogo La (4230 m) before you enter Lo Manthang. You can avoid the road with this route and take another route back so that you can see more. This can also be done on the way back from Lo Manthang, which is becoming increasingly popular.

The main Upper Mustang Classic route remains the same, there are variations depending on side trails, road conditions, weather conditions, time of the year, natural events, and physical changes to trekking trails. This applies especially to western and eastern routes. Detailed Upper Mustang trek map, you can buy every little shop at Thamel or Himalayan Map House, which is a map publisher for trekking in Nepal.

Upper Mustang Trek Map – Seasons & Weather

Annapurna Trek

Autumn Season (September to November)

The autumn season is known as the best time for trekking in Nepal. This is why the Upper Mustang trek in the autumn season is usually popular. The sky clears, giving excellent visibility to the Mustang region’s picturesque beauty.

Throughout this season the temperature also becomes stable and moderate. The temperature varies from 12-20 degrees Celsius, which does not make this trekking either too cold or too warm.

The late November brings the cold and tough winter season. This signals the end of the Upper Mustang trekking season

Spring Season (March to May)

Also, the spring season is one of the best seasons for the Upper Mustang Trek 10 days. Spring season brings fresh crops and flowers to arrive. The clear sky provides a great view of the blooming rhododendrons in the Annapurna region.

During the spring season, the temperature also becomes stable and moderate. The temperature varies from 16 – 22 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for season trekking. Trekking days are perfect, but the nights can be a little cold.

In the spring season, one of Upper Mustang’s biggest festivals, the Tiji festival, also falls. If you walk through this region in the spring you can experience this great festival.

Summer Season (June to August)

Summer season brings with it the Monsoon rain that makes trekking very difficult. This usually makes it one of the least preferable trekking seasons. But Upper Mustang Trek is one of Nepal’s driest trekking trails, unlike other trekking regions.

So, the summer season has no effect on the Upper Mustang Trek. This is because the trek is in the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna ranges, rain-shadow region.

The Upper Mustang Trek experiences only occasional rainfall, so in these regions it is usually a dry summer. In the Upper Mustang region, this makes trekking doable.

The Upper Mustang temperature during the summer season may vary between 16 – 20 degrees.

Winter Season (December to February)

The winter season is the coldest season in the region of Mustang. During the day, the temperature drops to 0-5 degrees Celsius and at night -25 to -20 degrees Celsius.

The 10-day Upper Mustang Trek is not recommended for the winter season.

During this season, the freezing cold causes people to descend to a lower altitude. This means that during the winter season most of the teahouse or lodges are out of business. This makes trekking particularly hard and is often not preferable to trekking.

 Final Say

Upper Mustang Trek is one of the great treks in the Annapurna region. It is comparatively cheap and reasonable compared to other treks in Nepal. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Upper Mustang Trek Map

Upper Mustang Trek Map

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