Ultralight Flight Nepal

Ultralight Flight Nepal is the way to fulfill one’s imagination by flying in the cloud just like a bird. It’s a form of free flight that gives you the rewarding flying experience that you rarely get an opportunity to do. It is a quiet and peaceful, fearless experience that floats comfortably in the clouds. Ultra Light aircraft offers you bird’s eye views and the ability to enjoy the freedom of towering above the earth and gliding through the sky. You are going to fly over the twisted rivers, breathtaking valleys, ancient, cultural, rich and diverse villages and dense forests, all backed by the Himalayan mountains.

Ultralight Aircraft with an engine is a small lightweight aircraft. Once launched into the air, this aircraft can switch off its engine in the right conditions and glide almost like a hanglider through the air. Depending on the aircraft, the cockpit can be either closed or open. It gets its name for its lightweight frame and was originally designed to be an inexpensive way to get air borne by the armature air sport recreationalist.

During an Ultralight flight Nepal, you can have the experience of free flight without the danger or risk associate with complete free flight. You have the engine to help in landing and take off and should weather conditions change. Due to fragile and unstable design, the aircraft’s status was poor in the early days. Ultralight is now a unique, safe and fun way to fly with proper building and registration methods. The cockpit has just enough space for you and your driver, the window-like bubble roof enables you to enjoy amazing opinions without being subjected to the components of the climate. So you can sit back comfortably and appreciate your cloud time.

In Nepal, you can go on a flight from Pokhara. The ultralight seasons extends from September to June and flights depart daily from Pohkara airport, weather conditions permitting. The best time to fly is early in the morning. An ultralight allows you to getup to heights of 5000m and it allows you more control and direction to cover greater distance that paragliding or hot air ballooning.

So why don’t you leave your afflictions on earth, ascend to the heights, bathe in the clouds, reach out to the mountains and fly with the eagle.

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Ultralight Flight Nepal

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