The ‘Federal Democratic Republic’ of Nepal is located in South Asia. A tiny Himalayan country between the two giants’ countries China and India. It is the home to Mt. Everest, the birthplace of Lord Buddha and is one of few countries in the world never to have been colonized.  Hiking in Nepal is unique than hiking in any other places in the earth. Here are some things you should not miss if you are planning to make a wonderful hiking experience in Nepal.

1. Namaste

“Namaste” or “Tashidele” (Sherpa communities) works like a charm when you want to connect to the local Nepalese. Nepalese are very friendly people and they love to welcome you to their country. You will notice a big smile on their faces just by your little greetings. So why don’t you learn some basic Nepali words (Namaste / Tashidele / Dhanyawad)  to enhance your trekking experience.

2. Sunrise

Nepal is an open book to watch the sunrise. You don’t need to trek to the particular region to watch the sunrise and sunset in Nepal. Getting up early morning after long walks during the day may sound strenuous but, the stunning sunrise views in the morning is surely awe-inspiring and motivates you for the rest of your walks.

3. Prayer (Peace) flags

The Prayer flags represent elements like air, fire, water and earth. White symbolises air, red is fire. Green is water, yellow is earth, and blue is the wind. They also represent directions. You will encounter many Mani walls and Prayer flag stands filled with colorful flags along your way, it will be great to carry some Buddhist flags with you. After seeing the numerous colorful flags fluttering in the wind you will wish to tie one of your own flag on top of the Mountains.

4. Local Delicacies

Many people may tell you that Dal bhat (rice and lentil soup) is the staple Nepali diet. But if you do a little more research into the country, you will discover that each place /region have their own special variety that you should definitely try. So, do not limit yourself with dal bhat, try some new Nepalese food while you’re on the trek.

5. Night Sky

It’s enough to keep you awake at night. Do not forget to look at the sky at the night while you are hiking in the Himalayas. Away from the cities suffering from noise pollutions, you will be amazed to look at sky decorated with millions of twinkling stars.

6. Smile!

Nepal is far away from the luxuries of the world, so the hiking in Nepal will be far off the comforts of the world. A smile on a face and a positive attitude will help you face any inconvenience and enjoy every moment in the Himalayan mountains.

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