Independent Trekking Guide in Nepal

Sherpa Independent Trekking Guide in Nepal

Since we are local native Sherpa trekking and tour operator agency, only local leaders and other staff are employed / hired to generate local economy and sustainability for local communities.

Many people think that quality services can also be provided by cheap guides and porters. But that’s not true and think that’s not true.

Sherpa Independent Trekking Guide in Nepal, logic is that if they have a strong background and professional skills to make any kind of guest happy, they will definitely charge a little more money to make their skills fair.

Our highly experienced and motivated team is always at hand to make certain that every aspect of your journey is heart-warming and rewarding experience.

At Himalaya Discovery, we treat our guides and porters fairly and equally. We appreciate the hard work performed by our guides and porters, the journey is not feasible without them.

Thus, we treat and follow the following Guide and Porter policy to guarantee that our guides and porters ‘ working circumstances are of a humane and honest standard to eliminate preventable disease, injury and death.

Our guides are trained by Nepal’s government and are licensed to do work as a guide. Includes a guide who can obtain a license through a month of training. It is organized annually by TAAN and Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management Academy (NATHAM).

During the training period, teaches in a variety of subjects including first aid, altitude sickness, and other important issues, and in an interview must have a certain level of English fluency. All our guide can speak good English.

We have 9 licensed trekking guides, 2 expedition guides and 20 porters–locals from various areas of the mountain regions, having good command in English. All the elements of trekking, equipment and various destinations are familiar to us, the guides and the porters and all carry insurance for health and life as well.

We are a great trekking team, always welcoming with a big smile on our face, dedicated to your safety all the while keeping in mind to give you all the extreme excitement and trekking and expedition experience.

You, the adventure seekers and nature lovers, will receive basic information about trips, nature, mountains, people, local values and norms and all aspects of health and safety.

Sherpa Independent Trekking guide in Nepal Cost?

The normal cost for guide and porter determines the wages set by the Nepalese government. We also need to manage guide and porter insurance for that wages.

  • Independent Trekking Guide in Nepal Cost: USD 30 to 35 per day
  • Guide cum Porter cost: USD 25 – 28 per day
  • Porter cost: USD 20 – 25 per day
  • Peak Climbing Guide in Nepal cost: USD 320

Price includes: Salary, accommodation, meals, insurance and their equipments.

You will have to pay for yourself food, accommodation, transportation, domestic air ticket if necessary. We will inform you about your total cost in advance for Nepali staff, National Park permit fees. Our guides, porters and all staffs have good insurance and health and rescue / evacuation services coverage.

Why hiring a native Sherpa Independent Trekking guide in Nepal?

There are many advantages of hiring a native Sherpa independent trekking guide in Nepal. On all trekking routes, a good guide can enrich your trekking experience.

Apart from showing you the trekking trail, he explains to you about the area including the local’s lifestyles, their cultures and tradition and as well as the name of the Himalayas.

Most of Nepal’s trekking paths are simple to follow. If you’re not sure where to go, you can always ask local people or other trekkers.

Navigation is therefore not the primary reason for Nepal to hire a trekking guide. But there may be confusing places with unsigned intersections or regions where fresh roads have been built over the top of trekking routes, and that may assist your guide.

However, where your guide is helpful, you know the inside-out trekking route to design an itinerary that works for you. Your guide will know your hiking pace and preferences within a day or two and will be able to adjust the lunch and break stops to suit it.

You always can ask your guide “How long before lunch?” he will know the route well enough to tell you that your pace is 60 minutes away, even if the guidebook says it’s going to take more (or less) time.

On the trail, your guide will know which village guesthouses have better rooms or better food (though they are usually all quite similar). And also know which guesthouses have western-style toilets and more reliable hot showers.

A guide can also call forward to the next guesthouse to reserve a room (which is necessary in busy season). Your guide will often have a good working relationship with the guesthouse staff and can arrange for you to have a room with a view or even a private bathroom.

How does it work?

Being a native Sherpa company Himalaya Discovery, we work with our experienced Sherpa guides. This means that your safety and satisfaction during the trip is our paramount concern.

Nepal offers an endless range of choices for your trekking adventure far beyond the fixed itineraries offered by most agencies. Your guide will consider your interests, whether they focus on mountain scenery, rafting, nature exploration, cultural experiences, or all of the above.

General FAQs Sherpa independent trekking guide in Nepal

Is it expensive to hire a native Sherpa independent Trekking guide in Nepal?

Certainly not. Throughout the planning process, your guide will work with you and will carefully consider your budget. Your guide will offer choices from small to large groups, from low-budget accommodations to all-inclusive camping trips that provide any imaginable comfort to the creature.

Are the services of Sherpa Independent Trekking guides in Nepal more limited? Is it safe?

If you are coming to visit Nepal for the first time, Himalaya Discovery will have arranged for accommodations in Kathmandu according to your preferences, pick you up from the airport, and take you to your hotel.

We can recommend/assist you good places to eat, shop or enjoy the local culture the traveler’s hub in Thamel or outside Thamel.

What kind of assistance can I expect from a Sherpa Independent Trekking guide regarding health and emergency issues?

Your guide is well aware, through experience and training, about almost all kinds of health problems that may befall a traveler, and you should feel free to talk any kind of trouble with your guide, whether this is simply gastrointestinal or altitude related.

She/he’ll be able to steer you towards safe water and food and will insist on a responsible and slow approach towards the higher regions.

If an emergency is present, he is well connected to Himalaya Discovery, depending on the severity of the case, can arrange the instant evacuation by horse or helicopter.


You should definitely hire a native Sherpa independent trekking guide in Nepal for the pleasure of trekking in the Himalayas. Having an experienced guide with good guiding skills will help you to understand the history and culture of the place where you travel.

Not only will they be your good mates, but they will also provide physical and mental support during trekking. So, get out there, look at a couple of trekking agencies and hire a good guide for your next trekking trip to Nepal.

Trekking won’t break the bank, but it’s also not a budget activity. People have to work harder than you can imagine, to carry construction materials, food and supplies to villages so you’re more comfortable.

Hiring a guide and porter not only helps the local economy, it also guarantees that you have a welcoming experience in Nepal. Be part of the society, not beyond the community.

Do you have any question about trip to Nepal?

Tell us about your trip to Nepal and what you expect from it. We will answer your questions in 24 hours and help you design a trip with a comfortable itinerary to best meet your needs.

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“ I was born and raised in Nepal, nearby Everest region. I am proud to be a native Sherpa, and I have been a Mountain guide over a decade now. Following my passion, I decided to start helping travelers with their travel plans! I think life is a journey, a trip where you collect experiences when you share with other people and with nature. “

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