Langtang Region

Langtang Valley is the nearest Trekking region from the capital, Kathmandu. A few hours drive from the Kathmandu city will take you to the stunning Langtang region. Despite its proximity to the Kathmandu city, the Langtang Region is as wild and unique as any Himalayan Village and rural landscape.

Trekking in Langtang and Helambu area is one of the most accessible regions for trekking in Nepal, which are located north of Kathmandu. While the area cannot boast any of the Himalayan giants, the scenery here is every bit as spectacular as most of the better-known destinations. It is also far less visited by tourists making a trek here somewhat more of an adventure. There are three major trekking areas Langtang, Gosainkund and Helambu, which can be combined in many different ways to make treks from 7 days to 16 days long.

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