Best Trekking Boots for Nepal Hiking

Best Trekking Boots for Nepal Hiking

There are so many different trekking boots and brands out there. Many of them are of a very great quality too. We will present six different best trekking boots that we have personal experience with and we know will work. But, if the boot that you prefer to wear is not on this list, that does not mean it is a bad option.

Best Trekking Boots for Nepal Hiking & Climbing

Mountain Trainer 2 Mid Trekking Boot by Salewa

This Salewa trekking boot is really well made. It has the right amount of comfort, warmth, flexibility, and durability. It is a very reliable boot. We have seen this boot in Nepal’s Everest, Manaslu, and Annapurna regions.

This Salewa boot provides more stability in the heel zone by combining strong support with comfortable flexibility. The Vibram sole on this boot is fantastic. It is designed to improve grip and traction in a range of conditions.

Salomon Quest 4 GTX

The Salomon Quest 4 GTX Trekking boots are another great alternative. These trekking boots are becoming incredibly popular. They are a comfortable, strong, waterproof, and highly durable trekking boot. These boots are ideal for Nepal trekking like Everest Base Camp, Manaslu Circuit, Annapurna Circuit, and many other treks.

Meindl Vakuum

You also could consider using the Meindl Vakuum trekking boots. These are suitable for Nepal trekking, as well as a wide range of hiking peaks and multi-day trekking expeditions.

These are a popular boot, and we notice a lot of clients arriving in Nepal wearing them. They are a great choice for hiking in mixed rocky terrain and over long distances. These boots will be with you for many kms as they are a strong and durable boot. Also, if you have cold feet, this could be a good option for you.

Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX

Scarpa has released a new lighter weight Zodiac option. These boots are Gore-Tex, which means they’re waterproof and will keep you dry if you get wet on the trail. They also have great ankle support and lacing system. Similar to the La Sportiva TXS, these boots have a more rigid sole that is perfect for the terrain on the trekking trails. Scarpa is always reinventing trekking boots, and if they fit your foot correctly, they may be the best boot for you.

Best Trekking Boots for Nepal Hiking

Merrell Moab Mid 2 Waterproof

The Merrell Moab Mid 2 Waterproof Trekking Boot has been around for a long time for a good reason: they are a perfect boot! These boots have a waterproof covering, solid ankle support, and a comfortable and sturdy fit. If you have a little wider foot or require additional toe room, the Merrell boot may be the best option for you. This boot is a solid and long-lasting alternative that is great for your Nepal trekking.

La Sportiva TXS GTX

This is a new La Sportiva boot that has taken the place of our favorite. They are warm, lightweight, and water-resistant. Some of our clients wearing these boots often their repeat visit, they are still in good conditions.

The Best Trekking Boots for your Everest Base Camp Trek

The boots mentioned above are not only suitable for Nepal trekking. We want to make sure that you buy a boot that could work for a wide range of different trekking or mountaineering trips. All of these boots are available in both men’s and women’s styles. As a result, they should work for anyone joining us on one of our Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet trekking tours!

Everest Base Camp Trek in February

Also, this is not a paid advertising or a post aimed at a specific brand for any purpose. All of the boots mentioned in this article are ones that we see both guides and trekkers wearing on a regular basis in the Nepal Mountains.

If you have any questions about your hiking boots or any boots you are considering buying for your trek with us, please contact us.

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