Best Time to Visit Bhutan

Best Time to Visit Bhutan

Bhutan is a small landlocked mountain kingdom is known for its beautiful nature, well-preserved Tibetan Buddhist cultural monuments, high-quality accommodation choices, and breathtaking tours. And the best time to visit Bhutan is any time of the year, but depending on what you plan to do, some months are better than others.

While it is most known for its lofty peaks, Bhutan has a diverse range of landscapes and terrains, and the climate varies accordingly.

In the southern part, there are lush subtropical plains at altitudes as low as 200 feet, with a steamy jungle climate similar to what you would discover across the border in India.

However, much of Bhutan is at a high altitude. Thimphu and Paro’s main towns are 7,657 feet and 7,201 feet above sea level, respectively.

Most travelers visiting Bhutan aim to tour the higher-altitude hills, valleys, and mountains. This type of trekking is best done in the spring and autumn.

In fact, some trekking chances are only available during those seasons: in winter, snow makes crossing certain high passes difficult.

During winter and summer, some areas are difficult to access due to rain and snow, but prices are cheap.

No season is off-limits to visitors, and the famous friendliness of the Bhutanese people — as well as genuine peace and quiet — are available all year round.

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Spring Season in Bhutan

Spring: From March through May is also the best time to visit Bhutan. It’s the ideal season for hiking. The air is generally clear, the sun is shining brightly, and temperatures are pleasant but not too hot.

Some important festivals fall at this time of year. Tsechu (also written Tshechu) are religious festivals held throughout the year in honor of Guru Rinpoche, an important figure in Tibetan Buddhism. Colorful masked dancers (typically monks or local males) perform folk dances around the country at temples, monasteries, and dzongs (fortresses).

Visitors can observe and have fun with Bhutanese people who dress up in their best traditional dress to celebrate, in addition to enjoying the performers and dances. Paro and Thimphu host two of the most main Tsechu celebrations.

This is also the time of year when nature is at its best. A memorable experience is hiking through blossoming rhododendron forests full of red, pink, purple, and white blooms. In fact, there is a walking trail across the country’s center that was designed specifically for hikers to experience the rhododendron forests.

It’s known as the Gazamchu Rhododendron Trek. In addition, a rhododendron festival is held in May in the Royal Botanical Park in Lamperi, a short drive from Thimphu.

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Monsoon Season in Bhutan

Bhutan’s countryside is green and full of life during the monsoon season. Don’t expect rain all day, every day: rain falls in bursts, giving you plenty of time to get out and about.

Not too many travelers choose to visit to Bhutan during this time, so prices are lower and you’ll practically have the Bhutan to yourself. There are a number of beautiful boutique and luxury hotels, and they’re much more affordable during the off-season.

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Perhaps generally speaking, it’s not really the best time to visit Bhutan especially for trekking. Some routes are difficult to access, the trails are muddy, and the views aren’t the best. To have the best time in Bhutan during the monsoon season, stick to city tours, cultural attractions and sightseeing.

Autumn Season in Bhutan

Autumn is Bhutan’s high season and its busiest time. There’s a good reason for this: it’s the best season for tours, trekking and festivals.

Thimphu Tsechu (dance festival), is one of Bhutan’s most important Tsechus held in September. The Jambay Lhakhang Drup Festival, which also held at this time of year. During this spectacular event, a fire ceremony, showcasing locals running under a large flaming gate.

Masked dancers later perform naked in the middle of the night. There’s an objective to this ritual: the idea is that infertile women will be blessed with children as a result.

There are various trekking options for travelers this time of year. There are also more routes to choose from, depending on your experience, fitness level, and preferences.

The Snowman Trek is a classic that is categorized as one of the most tough treks in the world, requiring the crossing of nine passes above 15,850 feet and taking approximately 25 days to complete. The Jomolhari Trek is a shorter (but still adventurous) trek that takes about two weeks.

The route, which is sometimes classified to as Bhutan’s most scenic, takes hikers alpine meadows, across high mountainous terrain, and through lush jungles.

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Winter Season in Bhutan

The winter season sees fewer travelers. During these seasons, you’ll pay off-season prices — and Bhutan’s wonderful hotels can be especially warm in the winter, with fireplaces and traditional hot stone baths to enjoy.

Trekking at high altitude is difficult in some cases, and unpleasantly cold in others. However, some shorter treks are still doable. The skies are a beautiful, clear blue in the winter, so if mountain views are your priority, winter is a great season to visit. The Druk Path Trek, for example, passes across villages, forests, and farmland while without ascending too far in altitude.

Winter is the greatest time to visit the southern Manas National Park if you want to do a nature tour. The park is located near the border of India, where tigers, rhinos, elephants, and leopards roam, and its altitude is quite low compared to the rest of Bhutan, at only 200 to 360 feet above sea level.

General RAQs About Bhutan Travel 

When should I travel Bhutan?

First of all, if you are an adventurer other than doing trekking, the best time to visit Bhutan is September to December (autumn) and March to May (spring). However, nature lovers and historical tourists can plan a trip to Bhutan in the spring. The weather and scenery are at their best during peak seasons, but prices are higher.

Why should I visit Bhutan?

The unique culture of Bhutan is one of the key reasons why people visit Bhutan. In  2018, the country was voted number one out of over 100 sustainable destinations in the ITB awards in Berlin, Germany. While traveling this wonderful country, we highly recommend the following activities from a lengthy list of things to do in Bhutan:


The best time to visit Bhutan, it depends on what you hold most important. Winter is a good season to visit if you enjoy peace and quiet. If you love festivities and vibrancy, Spring or Autumn may be the seasons for you.

If you want to see lush greenery, you should go in the summer. The weather may also play a role, so pick a season that suits your preferences. We assure to operate and guide your trip with the best of our expertise.

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