Accommodation in manaslu circuit trek

Accommodation in Kanchenjunga Trek

Kanchenjunga is now a great lodge-based trek in the North east of Nepal. About accommodations in Kanchenjunga trek, tea house treks are becoming more popular because of the recent growth of basic lodge accommodation along the trail in Pangpema, Lhonak, Sele La, Cheram and Ramche.

Taplejung is the starting point for the trek (north to south), but before Taplejung, you may spend a night in Birtamod or Ilam and return to these towns at the end of your trek. Check out the various ways to get to Taplejung from Kathmandu. In both towns, visitors can choose hotels out of many, ranging from basic to deluxe, and the price starts from USD 6.

Basically, a single room is 2 USD, and for a double USD 4, and USD 6 for a triple. In Chirwa, there are only two teahouses. The one where we stayed was right next to the Tamang guest house and has three double and one triple bedrooms.

In Sekathum, there is two guest houses that costs about the same as Chirwa, within a 10 minute’s walk distance from each other, both places have four double bedrooms and charge USD 2 per person.

There are two guest houses in Amjilosa. The first one on the left, above the road, is new and absolutely lovely. We recommend Chiring Kipa guest house in Amjilosa, the first one above the trail. The price is USD 2 per person and there are six double rooms available.

Kanchenjunga Trek Nepal

Ghunsa has around 9 guest houses. For the same USD 2 per person, we recommend Peaceful Guest House in really nice rooms. Two four-bed rooms, two single rooms, and two triple rooms are available.

Khambachen is a small yak pasture community with three teahouses. If the Khambachen White Horse Guest House is open, forget the rest. This is the best teahouse on the trail, and Norbu is the best cook. There is also a food menu available!

A triple room costs USD 8 per night. The walls of the room were decorated with beautiful curtains, and the entire guesthouse was neat and clean. The best rooms on the Kanchenjunga trail without a doubt. They have seven double rooms, one single room and one triple room available.

Lhonak is an ideal camping place! It’s a small yak pasture with a couple of huts. Lhonak Guest House is located on the right side and is highly recommended. They have nice rooms and solar lights, which other places do not have. The mattresses are thick, and if you don’t have enough blankets, they will provide you more.

The room prices are slightly higher, but they are the same everywhere at Lhonak. The price is USD 5 per person. In Lhonak, including this guesthouse, there are no toilets. The Lhonak Guest House has four double rooms.

Pangpema has a very small basic hut. If it is open and you want to stay overnight, the cost will most likely be similar to Lhonak, USD 5 per person. They don’t even have a toilet.

Pangpema is very similar to Sele Le Pass Camp! It is a small hut, but it is bigger than Pangpema, which has five rooms.

Cheram is a pleasant place to stay. There are two hotels and one that is currently under construction. We recommend Yalung Kang Guest House. They have two double rooms and one triple room. It is USD 8 for the triple room.

Ramche is the last hotel on the South side of Kanchenjunga.  I think it will be similar to Sele Le in that it is made of stonewall, so mostly it’s freezing cold. You can avoid staying there by making a day trip from Cheram to the south base camp.

Anda Phedi is on a different route from Sele Le Pass instead of Cheram. There is only one lodge. We didn’t stop there, but the cost should be the same as in Cheram.

Torongding has only two guesthouses. Expect to pay close to Cheram and Anda Phedi for lodging. One of the hotels was closed while we were there. We eat in the teahouse on the left side of the room. The owner of this guesthouse also owns a guesthouse in Ramche and a Yamphuding.

Yamphuding is a big community with just a few guest houses. The accommodation is nice; a double or triple room cost USD 5.

While in Khebang, a nice homestay where you can stop for lunch. A homestay run by a teacher in front of the school.

You can return to Birtamod via Happo Khola. You do not need to continue your journey to Khamdime. The Buddha Hotel has two private rooms and a dorm with four beds. It cost USD 5 for one twin bedroom and one dorm bed.

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