Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal

6 Reasons Why You Need to Trek to Manaslu Circuit

Manaslu Circuit is a newly opened trekking routes for travellers from all over the world, serving as a wonderful blend of Nepal’s natural splendor and cultural miscellany. The Manaslu Circuit trek in Nepal has established a buzz among travel enthusiasts and adventure seekers thinking about Nepal trekking and so why you need to trek to Manaslu Circuit?

Although it has succeeded in attracting attention and curiosity, it is still unscathed and unharmed by the count of travelers who visit the area in reality. With the inclusion of isolated and off the beaten trail, the Manaslu Circuit Trek is rich in its beauty, as only a few people actually decide to do the trek every year. The less visitors add more exclusivity to the trek as well.

You can find climatic, vegetations, cultural and wildlife diversity as you trek along the trekking trail. Additionally, located in the Manaslu Conservation Area, this place is overflowing with a variety of flora and fauna and if you are lucky enough you can also spot some rare species along the way.

Manaslu region trek is a remarkable way to welcome Mt. Manaslu’s magnificence, which is the world’s 8th highest mountain. The luxurious environment in the snow-capped mountains setting, this region is a blessing to anyone seeking peace and happiness in the midst of nature. Some of the main reasons given below are “6 reasons why you need to trek to Manaslu Circuit for this isolated off the beaten trail while trekking in Nepal”.

1. A good Introduction Teahouse

Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp and the Annapurna Circuit treks are the most famous trek in Nepal, Manaslu circuit trek stands out among other off the beaten trekking trails.

Nepal is home to eight mountains over 8,000 m above sea level, including Mt. Everest and Mt. Kanchenjunga (8, 586 m—3rd highest), Mt. Lhotse (8,516 m—4th highest), Mt. Makalu (8,485 m—5th highest), Mt. Cho Oyu (8, 188 m—6th highest), Dhaulagiri I (8,167 m—7th highest), Mt. Manaslu (8,163 m—8th highest) and Mt. Annapurna I (8,091 m—10th highest).

Manaslu Circuit Trek is located in Manaslu Conservation area, home to 33 species of mammals, 110 species of birds, 211 species of butterflies, 2,000 species of flowering plants and 11 types of forest which provide you with a wide assortment in a short upright area.

The Manaslu circuit trek stands out from all these other treks available in the country due to the complete natural symphony, cultural properties, and wild discovery that provides the best chance to gather the lifetime experience of this impeccable trek.

2. Picturesque Sceneries

The isolated villages you follow on this trail serve Nirvana as a perfect definition. Compared to the Everest Base Camp trek or Annapurna Base Camp trek, this trek is less known and defined. Because of this, you will find a few trekkers on the trail that can act as a negative or positive point depending on the nature of the trekkers.

Some trekkers prefer to walk along busy trails, while others prefer to indulge with as few people as possible in the wilderness of the trek. This trek is one of the best trekking choices for those who simply prefer the latter. Moreover, October is considered to be the busiest month in the area where the trail is crowded with trekkers opting for the trek.

You will begin on a trek overflowing with ideal serene experience and discover the remote areas never leaving behind the peace of mind and the peaceful routes.

3. Reasonable Trek Price

Manaslu Circuit Trek cost, due to the existence of fewer trekkers on this route, the tea house and hotels have limited yet optimal facilities throughout the trek, focusing primarily on the basic needs and needs of trekkers. Likewise, in the eatery in the trek, not many varieties can be seen as transporting the food and vegetables that I find difficult in the country’s remote and Himalayan region.

However, new tea houses are being built up, with better facilities and you will never find food shortage on the trail route. Although the price of food is higher as you precede the route, this trek is cheaper compared to other treks in Nepal in terms of accommodation and food. Manaslu region was considered the best route for camping trekking, but as tea houses were built, camping needs declined significantly.

In 2015 earthquake, the tea houses in the area were destroyed but now all of them were rebuilt. Although the price of accommodation increases with a slight decrease in the facilities provided, the total cost of accommodations are cheaper than the cost of other treks.

4. A Vibrant Cultural Experience

Manaslu Circuit Trek passing prayer wheels, mani wall monasteries, chortens. You will discover the Tsum Valley, which is also considered a hidden valley where you will encounter original and pure culture.

The Tsum Valley is home to a unique language of culture that preserves the ancient Buddhist traditions. The inhabitants of this trek in the highlands are influenced by Tibetan culture, so this trek will serve as a phenomenal chance to enrich your cultural knowledge in the midst of stunning mountain views and beautiful landscapes.

Every trekking package does not give you the opportunity to take you on a journey through the past where you are engulfed in the aroma of isolated foothills, traditional Himalayan villages whose Manaslu cultures, traditions, people, lifestyle and values are always friendly and old school.

5. Safe and Secure Trails

Following the devastating earthquake in 2015, Manaslu region is restored, rebuilt and re-equipped. Nepal’s government, together with the local government, has effectively restored all routes as well as tea houses, and the region is truly safe, providing security from the aftermath of the earthquake.

While most people are prone to altitude sickness, proper acclimatization on the way helps to avoid altitude sickness. Every trekker must be slow and take good rest instead of being too excited about the destination of the journey.

Proper attention should be required to personal hygiene throughout the trek in order to avoid any health problems along the trek. In addition, the Manaslu Circuit Trek, you can also carry purification tabs or drops along with you.

6. Great Side Trips

Another important part of this Manaslu Circuit Trek is that you have several side treks while trekking in Nepal, and after a few hours you can reach the destination. Birendra Lake, Pungeen Gomba are some of the side treks you can go on trekking.

You should note, however, that these side treks are devoid of tea houses or hotels, so you should return on your initial trek in a reasonable period of time. It is considered the best seasons to take the Manaslu Circuit Trek from September to November and from March to May.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal Difficulty

Manaslu Circuit Trek difficulty, you have to be in fairly good physical condition. It is not that the hike itself is extremely challenging (although it is technically more demanding than the Everest Base Camp Trek), but it is more a case of making sure you take all the necessary precautions to prepare for the altitude.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal ascends at its highest point to 5,106 meters (16,752 ft.), which is high enough for most people to be affected by altitude sickness and/or lack of energy due to the lower levels of oxygen. Meanwhile trek belongs to the country’s off beaten routes, the trek requires moderate fitness.

This means you don’t have to have an athletic body or capabilities to start your journey on the Manaslu Circuit Trek. You need to consider your health conditions, however, especially with regard to bones ankles and knees, as this could lead to an unpleasant trek. The trek needs you to walk for about 6 hours per day, so if you have previous trekking experiences that will be beneficial. Those who have no such experiences, however, may try to exercise a few weeks before the trek.

This not only boosts your stamina level, but also puts your body in the right shape and condition. Altitude sickness should be taken very seriously and closely monitored on the Manaslu Circuit. While you’re on the trail, if you’re wondering what you can do about altitude sickness, the most important thing to do is to communicate with your guide and travel companions about how you feel at all times.

As soon as you or anyone else feel ill, we have been told by experience that taking it easy, eating lightly and drinking plenty of water are all elements that aid to remedy the sickness. Our guides are highly trained in this matter and will always be there to assist you as and when you need them.

If you’re wondering how to avoid altitude sickness on the Manaslu Circuit Trek, the best thing you can do is take a day to discover the Dharmasala/samdo villages and take a rest before you continue your journey. This will make your body used to the thinner air, by remaining active but at a slower pace.

That’s why you’ll notice that Manaslu Circuit will be offered by the Himalaya Discovery–who have been running trips in Nepal for over decades–a guided 14-day Manaslu Circuit Trek. Their cases of altitude sickness are far less than the shorter trips, ensuring everyone is more comfortable along the way, becoming much more connected to the local Nepalese communities and spending more time soaking up the breathtaking Manaslu Mountain views.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Map

Manaslu Circuit Trek Map
Manaslu Circuit Trek Map

Here is the Manaslu Circuit trek map. It clearly shows the route to follow, the location and the references to the altitude. Manaslu is now known as Annapurna Circuit’s great alternative. Trekkers had begun to discover the Manaslu Circuit.

Final Say

Manaslu Circuit Trek has something to offer to literally everybody! I hope this article has succeeded in acquainting you with the trek whilst also answering the question – how is the Manaslu Circuit Trek? For a complete guide to Manaslu Circuit, click here.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Manaslu trek, the itinerary can be customized to the duration of your holiday. We have many options based on your interests and budget for shorter/longer visits and we hope that you come back with several additional reasons of your own as to why this trek is an absolute must.

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